Muhlenberg学院的电子通信系统主要用于与执行学院的教育使命相一致的目的. Examples of this System include, but are not limited to, the central computing facilities, the campus-wide network, local-area networks, attached computers and printers, stored programs and data, 电子邮件, discussion forums, access to the Internet, the College telephone facilities including voice mail, departmental networks, 校园闭路电视, and the public computing facilities and related services, including Trexler 图书馆 computers. 该系统还包括学院承包的任何第三方产品,如软件即服务(SaaS), hosted or cloud solutions. (Note: Above defines System, for subsequent use in the policy).

本政策适用于本系统的所有用户(包括所拥有的资源), 租用的, 订阅, or managed by Muhlenberg College), including but not limited to faculty and visiting faculty, 工作人员, 经理, 学生, guests of the management team, and external organizations and individuals accessing external services, such as the Internet and 图书馆 systems, via Muhlenberg's electronic communication system. (Note: Above defines User, for subsequent use in the policy).

By using this System, Users agree to the policy contained herein.

Electronic mail and Internet may be used for personal communication, but this may not take priority over intended business and academic uses. 使用该系统的优先权将始终给予学院社区的成员. 因为学院不能保证在系统中存储或通过系统或互联网传输的信息或文件的隐私, 不鼓励使用本系统发送机密或私人信息. 用户应该意识到,在歧视诉讼或其他诉讼的律师发现过程中,电子邮件通信和语音邮件通信可能是一个潜在的证据来源. (Note: Voice Mail should be treated same as e-mail).

除OIT外,学院系统的用户不应将其密码泄露给其他人 Password Requirements for OIT Support 文档. 除作者或收件人外,任何人不得访问存储在系统中的文件或信息, or by the College, 如下所述.


  1. 进攻, 骚扰, 诽谤, or otherwise inappropriate communication via the System is prohibited. (注:以上将讨论聊天和其他非电子邮件传输的使用).
  2. 系统的使用受所有法律和学院禁止歧视和骚扰的年龄, color, 残疾, 性别, 性别认同, national or ethnic origin, 比赛, 宗教, sexual orientation, 资深地位, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. Please refer to the College’s Hate/Bias policy for more information.
  3. 淫秽, objectionable or other offensive material, including material that may be interpreted as harassment by others, may not be viewed, 下载, printed or transmitted via the System in public spaces.
  4. 系统用户须对任何直接或间接对系统或其用户造成不利影响的行为或疏忽负责. 用户不得以妨碍他人进行学术工作的方式使用本系统.
  5. 为获得未经授权的访问而执行的计算机程序, or make unauthorized use of, the System is prohibited. 用户必须遵守所有软件许可协议和版权法的条款.
  6. Users of the System are obligated to respect the rights of others, 在使用这些资源时,知识产权和他人的知识产权. Duplicating and/or distributing information, 录音, or images in violation of applicable copyright laws is not permitted.
  7. Unless granted proper authority, Users are forbidden to access, transmit or release any information or data of a confidential nature, secured through their position with the College, to a person not authorized to receive such information. 进一步, 《冰球突破豪华版》(FERPA)规定,某些类型的学生信息不得披露和/或分发给未经授权的人. 这包括在电子邮件系统中传输和存储的信息. 有关FERPA条款的其他信息可从 注册商.
  8. College policy prohibits acts that are wasteful of System resources. 例子包括, but are not limited to: sending or forwarding chain letters; sending mass 电子邮件ings not directly pertinent to  College  business;  creating  unnecessary  multiple  jobs  or  processes; or creating unnecessary output or printed material.
  9. The College System may not be used for personal financial gain, inappropriate or illegal activity of any kind. Users may not download to, 安装在, 创建链接, or otherwise place on the System any data or program, which consists of any advertisements for commercial enterprises, without prior approval from OIT.
  10. 校园电子邮件系统的存在主要是为了方便个人和特定群体之间的商务沟通. 在某种程度上,“每个人组”的信息(或类似的群发邮件)被大量使用, 给一个选择, would choose not to receive them, the effectiveness of the System is compromised. 此类信息必须仅限于校园紧急事件和紧急行动信息, notification of campus meetings and events, 学校主办的活动或其他校外活动的通知, which relate to the College's educational goals. Messages such as notice of lost and found articles, promotion of political causes, 个人销售物品清单不应通过校园电子邮件系统发送. 《冰球突破豪华版登录官网》是失物招领和出售物品的合适工具.
  11. As is common in business and other organizations, 学院目前的做法是将所有信息存储在这个系统中, 其中包括电子邮件系统的内容和语音邮件系统的内容, is backed-up utilizing industry-standard tools and methods. (Note: Voice Mail should be treated same as email).

The College is the owner and administrator of this System. As per the Information Technology Data and Security Privacy Policy, 学院可出于商业目的,如检索与学院业务相关的信息,使用系统中存储的信息, troubleshooting problems, responding to complaints of misuse, and in order to comply with legal and regulatory interests. 该策略明确定义了可能发生此类访问的情况以及通知用户的过程. 正是由于这些或其他原因,学院不能保证存储在其中的信息或文件的隐私, or transmitted through the System.

违反这些政策应向首席信息官报告, 教务长, the Dean of Students, the Vice President of Human Resources, or the Director of Campus Safety and Security. 违反规定可能会导致对系统用户的处罚. These penalties could include disabling of the User’s account(s), student suspension, 学生被开除, employee suspension or termination, termination of access to the System, 或者对浪费使用产生的费用承担责任(参见政策要求下的第4点).

学院有权监督网络的使用,并对用户进行纪律处分, including faculty, 工作人员, 经理 and 学生, in accordance with established College policies.

Note on Muhlenberg web pages: Under normal circumstances, 通常不允许链接到广告和/或促销零售产品的商业网站.

学院遵守所有有关音乐和其他下载问题的法律. 任何被学生会主任办公室正式认可的组织都有资格获得自己的分发名单. 群发邮件只能在适当的院长或副校长事先批准的情况下发送. OIT is available for problems and issues arising with the technology, 并可用于培训官员启动和维护listserv, 但是,维护和更新资料的责任完全在于各组织及其官员.

Contact: Office of Information Technology, 484-664-3440