Academic Integrity

A campus-wide initiative has been to articulate and live the importance of academic integrity, also receiving national recognition as a program of excellence. A revised system of academic probation and a new category of academic warning assist students at risk academically.

Academic Integrity Code

The Academic Integrity Code is a communal expression of the importance of academic honesty and integrity. The Code, to which all incoming students are required to subscribe, governs all College activities, including all methods for evaluating academic achievement, written or oral. Examinations, quizzes, tests, themes, reports, recitations and laboratory exercises are all subject to the Code. The Academic Integrity Code is printed in full in the Student Handbook; students should familiarize themselves with its provisions.

Academic Integrity Code

Defining Plagiarism
(A Guide for Students)

Plagiarism Detection
(A Guide for Faculty)

Academic Judicial Board Study Report (10/5/2010)

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Dean of Academic Life

Michele Deegan
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